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Hello again!
We had a problem with auto withdraw for some reason on btc. We are moving to add adv pay at the very least. If you have a bal we had to change minimum payment in btc to .0004 btc per transaction. This caused a delay in others payments as the provider didn't send payments. We have manually sent all payments today and will continue to do so daily. We are excited to work with you all, and hope you are enjoying working with us!
Sep-20-2017 03:57:35 AM
Hi there Investors
I had to disable auto-withdraw for 9-12, Good news is we are back online and running instant withdraws again.
If your withdraw is less than .0002 btc i have to manually send it, keep in mind. I would like to keep minimum low so all investors can have access to there funds instantly but thats how the payment provider works. I hope you all are enjoying CryptoInvestBank investment options! Also we hope you have a good day!
Sep-13-2017 12:16:11 PM
Hi investors!
We have updated all plans, to increase earnings for you. Please let us know how you like the new plans. Thank you. Also if you already had a plan before change, it will complete as it should. No worries.
Sep-9-2017 09:22:02 PM
Hi and hello! We are here to be YOUR savings account for crypto. We will compete with all high risk programs, for security and consistency is our goal. Welcome again and make sure you chat with us if you have any questions.
Sep-8-2017 07:10:10 PM

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